In the 1920’s Mrs. Sloane designed a Sunken Garden with symmetrical beds. Looking at the original draft, it is hard to see what was planted. As a bird lover, Mrs. Sloane probably devoted this garden to growing native plants that could provide food and shelter for wildlife. For many years this square area was a sunken green lawn with an antique bird bath. The rebirth of this lovely sunken garden begin in 2012 when the Algonquin Garden Club of Norfolk adopted this spot as their new ‘garden’.  By 2013 the garden was restored to its original shape and planting began.

The Sunken Garden is located at the main entrance road next to the Water Tower. Adjacent to the garden is the new Woodsend Garden Room, where you can find a timeline of the history of the gardens as well as information about our current programming.

Plants that can be found in the Sunken Garden include: hollyhocks, liatris, Annabel hydrangea, peonies (Felix Course, Festive Maxima, Sarah Bernhard, Shirley Temple), Alliums, tulips, narcissus, rosemary, lavender, heirloom roses, creeping jenny, foxgloves, heirloom aguilea ‘nora barlow’, heirloom iris ‘Caesar’s Brother,” and more.