Built in 2001, the Rose Garden sits in the open lawn directly in front of the Museum. The garden originally consisted of 38 rose shrubs and 6 climbers. Over the years however, these modern rose plants have steadily been replaced by heirlooms. These heirloom roses (such as Red Radiance, White Killarney, and Ophelia) are the same varieties that Mrs. Sloane planted in her own rose garden during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. These heirloom roses provide a link to the past and fill the gardens with their wonderful scent, particularly during peak seasons in May and Late August through September.

A stone pathway winds around a small fountain surrounded by Knock Out roses and leads to a small pergola that hangs over Caroline jasmine and Lady Banks roses. The Hermitage holds a rose pruning workshop, free and open to the public, every year in late February to early March.