PROOF, opening April 13, 2018, is Mark Edward Atkinson’s retrospective, a memoir of images spanning over 30 years of photography. The work represented stretches across the world’s landscape with riveting and poignant images of people and places somehow interwoven through his vision. It is a comprehensive look at the work of a journeyman, a photographer who preferred looking forward through the camera than looking back.

Mark Atkinson has lived and worked in the Hampton Roads area for over 30 years. He has traveled the world shooting both still photography and documentary films telling the stories he finds. While not traveling, Mark has photographed interesting people and public places here in Hampton Roads for professional and personal fodder. The collection of images representing this body of work is vast and represents a fabled professional career. His work addresses both the regional and global landscape of human interaction and cultural awareness while providing an aesthetic beauty and a sense of connection to the subject in the images. Art enthusiasts with an understanding of photographic composition will appreciate this multi-faceted collection, one that crosses time and distance while providing a deeply rooted connection to this city.