Giving a memorial gift to the Hermitage is a meaningful way to honor a friend, colleague, or loved one. These donations preserve the memory of the individual’s life and help to sustain the museum for future generations. Your tax-deductible gift will support the museum, the gardens, and all of its programs throughout the year.

Gifts to the Hermitage Museum & Gardens
General Memorial gifts made to the Hermitage Museum & Gardens will support the general operations of the museum, including educational and public programming, exhibition development, community events, and garden maintenance. Gifts to specific areas of interest will be placed in a restricted fund for the maintenance and improvement of the selected program.

Gifts to the Collection
Memorial gifts allocated to the collection will be used to fund exhibitions, collections development, and general care of the museum and its collection.

Gifts to the Visual Arts School (VAS)
Gifts to the VAS will be used to provide funding for classes, camps and workshops at the VAS as well as the maintenance of the School.

Gifts to the Gardens and Grounds
Memorial gifts made to the Hermitage gardens will be used to support the maintenance of the museum’s 12 acres of gardens and grounds.

Donation Levels

To make a donation to the Hermitage, please contact Julie Morgan, Membership & Development Manager at 757-423-2052 ext. 205 or