An archway to the northeast corner of the back lawn leads to the Walled Garden, the Children’s Garden, and the Grotto. Dwarf evergreens form the backdrop for the David Turner bronze wildlife sculptures that sit playfully in the Children’s Garden.

Visitors can follow a path along the Walled Garden featuring cedars, azaleas, daffodils, and irises that ends with a quiet cherub and dolphin fountain within the Grotto. This beautiful and unique Italian fountain was purchased by Mrs. Sloane in 1920. Shipped from New York Fifth Ave, the Grotto has been working since its installation in 1925.

A large live oak provides cool shade in the Grotto, even on the hottest summer days. Guests can escape to the Grotto, relax on the bench built into the brick wall, and enjoy the expansive view of the gardens, house, and river.