The East Garden is a large circular garden that sits on the edge of the Lafayette River. The original design of this lovely garden was symmetrical, containing 25 varieties of hybrid tea roses and a unique gate. During the 1930s, Mrs. Sloane charged guests admission to view the beauty of this garden, funding the birth of The Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences from her earnings. Today the design has a new circular shape that contains several heirloom and native plants.

This quiet garden overlooks the Lafayette River, its slated patios and cobblestone walkways surrounded by brick walls and wrought iron fences. Steps on one end of the East Garden lead to wetlands and a recently constructed living shoreline, while steps on the other end of the garden lead to a millstone walkway where Mrs. Sloane once kept a bird aviary. Plants that can be found in the East Garden include Viburnums, Smoketrees, lilacs, boxwoods, hydrangeas, daffodils, tulips, irises, peonies, Daylilies, columbines, camellias, Tall Asters, ornamental poppies, tiger lilies, Obedient Plants, Bluestars, and ferns.