• By purchasing these tickets, you agree that neither Virginia Stage Company nor the Hermitage Museum and Gardens will be held legally responsible for any injuries that you may incur on site. A waiver detailing this will be presented to you upon arrival.
  • Late entry is not possible due to the nature of this performance, and tickets are non-refundable.
  • You should plan an hour and a half to two hours for the experience: parking, check-in, the lounge, The Dream Clinic experience, and decompression in the lounge after.
  • No recordings of any kind are allowed by guests. We want you to experience the world unencumbered. A phone and bag check will be provided.
  • Closed-circuilt video and audio recording is used to ensure the safety of guests, actors, and staff.
  • Please know that you may be separated from the group you arrive with and each individual guest may have a different performance experience.
  • Please be honest when completing your patient record, as some experiences may not be appropriate for all visitors.
  • That said, we predict that you will find The Dream Clinic to be a pleasurable and eye-opening performance.